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Kali's Quest for Daytime - a children's novel
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Hi! I'm Sandra

Broadcast journalist and voice over artist

Are you struggling to put a voice over to your project?

Or totally new to this and need someone with experience in writing and recording to kick start your project and get it out into the world?

I've worked in radio studios, been interviewed on a range of topics for live radio and reported on live events as they happened.

For 17+ years, my career has been about storytelling, writing them and telling them. As a journalist, I reported on events live and pre-recorded for radio and television.

As a voice over artist, I have recorded audio for entrepreneurs, business owners, festivals, YouTubers, and course creators.

As well as recording the audio, I also help with writing and editing the script.

You want audio that speaks to your audience and keeps them engaged. Whether that is in a 30 second commercial or a 3-hour online course, my focus is on connecting your listeners to your story and keeping them educated, engaged and entertained.

What I Specialize In

Idea Generation stage of your project

Content Layout and Structure

Writing and editing the content

Recording the project

Interviewing guests or experts for the project

Microphone Sound Editing

The journey towards a great voice over begins with finding an artist who gets what you do

Sandra's writing and vocal skills are just what you need if you want to get attention from your audience.

- Rab Fulton - Children's author, performer and founder of Celtic Tales

Working with Sandra has been hugely important for my business. Her radio friendly voice, writing and editing skills come together so that your content engages with your audience on a deeper level. All of this makes her someone you need on your team.

- Chris Irwin, CEO of Irwin Energy Engineering

Sandra writes with confidence, depth and originality. Her writing is memorable and accomplished.

-Kelly Creighton, Bestselling author

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